1. General

Job Title: Log Admin-Fin Officer
Mission location: Based in Syria Maarat an Numan Hospital with periodical visits to Gaziantep Coordination
Placement: Refers hierarchically to the Project Coordinator and technically to the Logistic Coordinator
Working hours: Standard office working hours; From Saturday to Thursday. Timing as required during field visits.

Coordinate, implement and supervise the logistics, administration and finance related activities of the SMS project in the Maarat an Numan Hospital according to the standard policies, in order to optimize the response to the needs of supported structures


  • Support the Hospital staff for the logistic follow up of the orders, reception of MSF delivery to the structures, (included proper storage and cold chain)
  • Introduce and implement the MSF protocols and guidelines in the Maarat an Numan hospital from a logistic and administrative point of view (WASH condition, NFI, cold chain, administrative tolls, etc)
  • Keep the accountability of the not in-kind supports (incentives, financial supports, salaries) through collection of justification material such as invoices, payment registers, etc)

2. Task Descriptions

Stock Management and Supply

  • Coordinate, in close relation with the Maarat an Numan DLO and and the logistics coordinator, the supply chain processes and systems (order processing, order and stock management, cold chain, procurement systems)-
  • Keep accurate and updated information on stocks (expiry dates, security level, pipeline and lead times) in order to ensure availability of all the non-medical material and related services under optimal conditions.
  • Supervise the storage, packing and management of stocks (logistics materials, stationery and maintenance products), applying the storage rules for products (food, hazardous substances, etc.), and control consumption patterns.
  • Oversee the conditions of acceptance of all cargo arriving in the project and the organization (including packing and documentation) of the shipping in order to ensure goods arrive safe and sound

HR/Fin Follow up

  • Supervise administration related activities, and in accordance with the MSF purchasing and payment procedures for the mission, anticipating short term needs and asking for necessary transfers, with regards to the cash management processes in order to ensure liquidity needs and an accurate handle.
  • Carry out, in close coordination with the Cofirh and the administrative guidelines, accountancy, general ledger and reporting activities, supervising payments to suppliers, internal or external, and personnel, in order, transparency on accountancy as well as coherent information on service supply chain processes.
  • Brief and supervise national staff linked to financial administration and logistics related positions
  • Keep records through databases and justification documents of all the expenses related to the team work and to the support to the structures.
  • Build capacity among the Maarat an Numan staff about the above mentioned tasks

Logistic assistance

  • Supervise and guarantee quality of construction and rehabilitation projects (construction, rehabilitation, installation, and repair& maintenance of facilities in compliance with MSF standards.)
  • Implement, in conjunction with the MedRef, the Maarat an Numan DLO and according to a previous diagnosis of the sanitation situation, the water & sanitation activities planned for the Project, proposing improvements when necessary, in order to ensure project healthy conditions.
  • In close collaboration with the PC and Deputy PC, define/update the project security policy, implementing the technical aspects of the risk reduction policy and the technical feasibility of the evacuation plan, in order to ensure people’s security.
  • Evaluate, in conjunction with the Pc and Deputy PC, the transportation and communication needs of the project, ensuring access to emergency means of communication in 24/7 basis, in order to ensure that both the size and type of the equipment (telecom&vehicles fleet) is properly adapted.
  • Negotiate the terms & contractual conditions of vehicle hire contracts, lease agreements, and all service contracts, with local providers, under the supervision of the Administration Department and the Support Manager, in order to optimize purchasing and service conditions.
  • Supervise the effective management and maintenance activities of both the vehicle fleet and the communication equipment (radio, HF, VHF, RBGAN, computers, mobile phones etc.) in order to ensure its good condition and usability.
  • Supervise and train the teams of drivers, mechanics and any other staff involved in vehicle management in order to ensure their operating capabilities.

3. Requirements

Education: Essential, secondary education or technical school diploma; desirable degree in engineering or specialized technical studies.

Languages: Good spoken and written English and Arabic compulsory;.

Computer skills: Computer literacy (Outlook, Word and Excel) is a must.

Experience: Desirable working experience with MSF or other NGOs, or in medical structures as Biomed.

Other requirements:
Syrian nationality with valid passport


  • Analysis capacity, planning, organizational and evaluating skills
  • Teamwork (ability to work with other people, whether they be medical or non-medical, to bear in mind other priorities...)
  • Initiative and motivation, problem solving capacity
  • Quality-driven (go beyond his/her “formal” responsibilities seeking quality outputs and improvement of working processes)
  • Communication skills (listen and communicate in an effective, specific, positive way)
  • Flexibility (capacity to adjust to changes in the job profile and even of location due to instability of context, willing to go beyond her/his job profile if needed)
  • Ability to cope with stress

Candidates have to provide:

  • CV in English
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Copy of diplomas mentioned in CV
  • Copy of work certificate for positions mentioned in CV
  • References

If you are interested and available to work, please email this requested information to recruitment.ngo.tk@gmail.com with the subject “Log-Admin/Fin Officer” in the email.

Deadline date to receive application: 31.01.2016
Note: Applications without subject title in English will not be considered.

We will only contact selected candidates for an interview.
We thank all candidates for their interest.

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