Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is looking for a candidate to fill the position of Supply Manager

Job Title: Supply Manager
Mission location: Based in Gaziantep, Turkey
Placement: Refers to the Logistical Coordinator, functionally to Intersectional Supply Coordinator. Collaborates with all logistics staff, Medical Team and Finance
Working hours: Standard office working hours - From Monday to Friday and Saturday, if work load requires it.

Functional Lines

Coordinates with: the Logistical and Medical Coordinator.
Collaborates with: all the logistics, medical and administrative managers of the mission


o Exchange of experiences and knowledge supply chain
o To train new Supply manager and Colog Ass (Log Supervisor, Log Admin Atmeh, Pharma and purchaser?) on supply and MSF procedures.
o To improve the supply within the Mission and streamline current procedures.
o Med and Log need more training on use of web portal, as it is newly introduced in the mission.
o Make assessment and determine cooperation with the expanding MSF Intersectional Supply Unit.
o EPREP Warehouse


Is responsible for the proper definition, planning and implementation of the supply chain in the mission. Ensuring the achievement of the objectives set by the mission.

A. Logistics Activities Management
- Participates in the definition and update of annual project planning and budgets.
- Estimating purchase and transport budgets for the monthly treasury requests, budget revisions and annual budget
- Plans and organizes all supply chain related activities in the project.
- Organizes supply chain system according to the specific context, the operational needs in term of supply, MSF protocols and guidelines.
- Supervises supply chain activities in mission by doing regular visits to projects.
- Ensures that basic supply chain plans are adhered by all supply chain staff and that the rest of the staff is aware and respects all supply chain procedures.
- Ensures that Supply Guidelines are updated periodically.

B. Local Supply
- Ensures that local purchases are done according to supply system and that quality and services provided are in line with MSF standards.
- Evaluates the market in term of local suppliers and establishes a list of all existing suppliers
- Maintains a list of different local suppliers and keeps their contact details updated.
- Maintains regular contacts with suppliers and regularly re-evaluates the market in order to get the best quality, prices and service possible.
- Checking that MSF procedures for national purchase, local orders and requests for quotes are followed (if purchases are over a pre-defined amount)
- Approving national and regional purchases up to a pre-defined threshold. Over this, obtaining the Logistics Coordinator’s approval
- Drawing up dossiers for bids to tender

C. Orders
- Ensures field orders are properly approved from the Logistics Coordinator or Medical Coordinator
- Provides support to logistics and medical coordinator for all types of orders taking into consideration stocks, expiry dates, consumptions, etc.
- Works in close collaboration with Coordination for the international and national medical orders
- Works in close cooperation with finance department regarding expenses related to orders and needs of money related to supply.
- Ensures that logistics project orders are done correctly after monitoring consumptions and estimating future needs.
- Coordinates order processing after approval (purchase, stocks, etc.)
- Follows up orders (overview of outstanding balances, etc)
- Passes regular and detailed information about order follow up to the field

D. Stocks
- Ensures that storage, packing and management of stocks are done according to protocols
- Supervises the re-supply of the stock for national and regional items
- Follows up international items in stock and keeps the Logistics Coordinator informed in order to place international order on time.

E. Transport

- Works closely with the Intersectional Supply Unit in order to assure correct chain of freights for local purchases to the field.

F. Security
- Ensures that all necessary measures are taken in order to avoid theft, destruction or other type of damage of MSF material and property.

G. Emergencies
- Participates in any emergency activity or exploratory visit in or out of the MSF area of work, being prepared to intervene directly if needed and assume the management of all supply activities and staff

H. Team Management

- Defines and updates job profiles and descriptions of all supply chain related staff.
- Participates in selection, follow up and evaluation of all staff under his/her direct supervision
- Trains the staff on supply chain standards.
- Reinforces skills of all supply chain staff.
- Undertakes regular evaluations of staff team under his/her direct supervision.
- Promotes communication and active participation of all staff under supervision.
- Ensures accurate diffusion of information to all staff under supervision.

I. Recording

- Ensures that recording in stock cards and any other supply related document is performed correctly.
- Ensures that all logistics management tools are used and are updated properly.
- Ensures that inventories of all material and equipment used exist and are updated.
- Carries out data collection concerning other organizations, suppliers and transporters (contacts, prices, reliability)

J. Reporting
- Participates in monthly reports according to guidelines, i.e. Situation Reports (SitReps), logistical statistical reports, etc. together with the Logistics coordinator
- Carries out regular market studies and makes them available
- Informs line manager of any problems that might be linked to work of supply chain staff as well as problematic equipment or material (ex. broken, missing).

To be noted:
- The employee may be assigned additional responsibilities and tasks based on the occasional needs of the mission.
- This job description may be modified in the future, depending on the evolution of the work and on MSF activities. The above-mentioned activities and responsibilities are not exhaustive and the name of the position can be asked to perform other tasks, according to the necessary daily work.
- The employee has to inform his/her supervisor of all the problems encountered in the work. He/she must be aware of his/her limits, abilities and knowledge. He/she must not hesitate to ask for support to his/her supervisor.


Education: Essential University or Technical School diploma, desirable Supply Chain studies.
Languages: Good spoken and written English and Turkish is compulsory. (Arabic is an asset)
Computer skills: Essential computer literacy (Outlook, Word and Excel).
Experience: Essential working experience of at least two years in Supply Chain activities related jobs; desirable working experience with MSF or other NGOs, or in developing countries


  • Analysis capacity, planning, organizational and evaluating skills
  • Teamwork (ability to work with other people, whether they be medical or non-medical, to bear in mind other priorities...)
  • Initiative and motivation, problem solving capacity
  • Quality-driven (go beyond his/her “formal” responsibilities seeking quality outputs and improvement of working processes)
  • Communication skills (listen and communicate in an effective, specific, positive way)
  • Flexibility (capacity to adjust to changes in the job profile and even of location due to instability of context, willing to go beyond her/his job profile if needed)
  • Ability to cope with stress

Candidates have to provide:
- CV in English
- Letter of motivation in English
- Copy of diplomas mentioned in CV
- Copy of work certificate for positions mentioned in CV
- References

If you are interested and available to work, please email this requested information to with the subject “Supply Manager” in the email.

Deadline date to receive application: March 9, 2016

We will only contact selected candidates for an interview. We thank all candidates for their interest.

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